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12 Unforgettable Sapul Lines From Sugarfree’s ‘Sa Wakas’

Before ‘hugot’ was even a thing, the band was already breaking (and mending) our hearts with poetic lyrics
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 8, 2018
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Fifteen years ago, Sugarfree released their first ever studio album.

Titled Sa Wakas, Ebe Dancel, Jal Taguibao, and Mitch Singson’s first “baby” perfectly (and poetically) captured all the feelings we had trouble explaining—from confusion to clarity, longing to loving, and falling in love to falling out of it. Every word, note, and beat had its own life that even if you weren't heartbroken, hearing the line “Ito ang unang araw na wala ka na” made you feel like you’re actually nursing an aching soul.

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The album was—and still is—tagos at sapul sa puso.

In celebration of Sa Wakas’ 15th anniversary this year, let’s take a look back at the tracks that we once played over and over again, and breakdown best lines that we won’t ever forget.

1) “Burnout”

O, kay tagal din kitang mamahalin

Change is inevitable—one day you’re madly in love, the next, you’re just mad (at each other). Nevertheless, Sugarfree taught us that even if we’re angry or tired or just confused in a relationship, at the end of the day, there's still a part of you that cares about that person.

2) “Hintay”

Nawawala kapag di hinawakan

Dudulas kapag di iningatan

Life is fleeting. Heck, even feelings are fleeting.  Don’t ever take something or someone for granted. You’ll never know what’ll happen—baka mawala o dumulas kapag di mo iningatan yan.

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3) “Mundong Malungkot”

Kung gising ka na, 'wag ka munang bumangon

D'yan ka lang, dahil sa labas

Umuulan ng dugo at luha

D'yan ka lang, ipikit mo ang mga matang

'Di makayanan ang kanilang mga pagmamasdan

Sa Wakas taught us that selflessness is a sign of true love. It’s okay that we get hurt, as long as the ones we love are safe and sound.

4) “Taguan”

Wag mong isipin

Na ayoko lang naman umamin

Ayoko lang kase matapos to

A cheaters anthem, Sugarfree playfully narrates through music how one manages to hide his infidelity. Tsk.

5) “Fade Away”

There goes your world on a train

Catch it cause it's making its last trip

Time don't take it away

Don't take it away

Don't take it all away

Again, the band reminds us how import time is. Make memories and don’t wait until the moment is gone. 

6) “Unang Araw”

Ito ang unang araw na wala ka na

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Sugarfree captures that feeling of being all alone. Those eight words above hurt to the core. Don't worry, you’re not crazy for having a mini monologue in your bedroom while nursing your broken heart.


7) “Mariposa”

Ayoko nang mag-isa

It’s okay to love someone from afar. But you know what’s better? If you make an actual move! 

8) “Telepono”

Tumawag ka, tumawag ka

O, please tumawag ka naman

Sometimes, it’s alright to swallow your pride, dial that number, and talk to her. Waiting is hard, but not knowing whether to wait or not is harder, right?

9) “Tummy Ache”

Tell me when I can afford to be with you

I find it hard to think that you are gone

Longing is not just emotionally draining—it is also physically taxing, like having a tummy ache. Now if you’re feeling nauseated with all those feelings, Sugarfree’s here to remind you that it may be hard, but you’ll survive. And like a tummy ache, it’ll heal with proper care.

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10) “Los Baños”

It’s always you I run home to

Won't you take me back

Take me home away from here

Back to where

I am free

Los Baños could be the real place, or it could be a person. Whatever (or whoever) it is that will make you happy, go for it. Find your own Elbi.

11) “Insomnya”

May ilaw na sa bahay

Ngunit bakit malungkot ang aking buhay

Sometimes you can’t explain what makes you sad and what makes you happy. Even if you seem to have everything there appears to be an undefinable longing for more. And sometimes, the answer to your sleepless nights is the one that you’ve been longing for—a person to wake up next to in the morning. Now get out of your room and find that motivation!

12) “The Allan Song”

Itong si Allan, mahirap kausap

Pangiti-ngiti, nananaginip ng gising

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The most interesting people are those you least expect to make an impact on your life. Talk to strangers. Talk to the Allans around you. Trust, they’ll surprise you. 

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