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25 OPM Classics for the Ultimate Valentines Playlist!

<p>Bring it on Cupid</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 10, 2011
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How many times have we asked a model hailing from a foreign land with the question: “What do you think of Filipino men?” [firstpara]

Countless times. In fact, the question’s pretty much standard ammo in interviews where the subject is some Brazilian beauty or some Czechoslovakian blonde.

And their answer almost always tends to be the same: Filipino men are just a tad bit sweeter than most of the men folk from their respective countries.

If the model were diligent enough to learn a little of the local language, we’d be lucky to hear a cute mangling of the word “malambing.”

Malambing. Yes indeed, and a quick glance at the OPM landscape should prove just that as some of the biggest hits in this country’s musical history are what most of us would brand as cheesy. Examples: "Maging Sino Ka Man," "Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal," and "Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin."
Below are exactly those kinds of tunes, the kind that are sure to bring out the cheese in you. Or at the very least, they’re great songs to sing at your next romp at your favorite KTV bar. Click on the song to hear it over Youtube.

1) “Muntik Nang Maabot Ang Langit”
Popularized by: True Faith
Suabe line: "Walang papantay sa `king katapatan. Higit pa talaga sa kanilang kayamanan."
Tone: Sigh-heavy.
Best listened to: After your mom catches you masturbating in your bedroom. Shoulda locked that door, son!

2) ”Nanghihinayang”

Popularized by: One-hit wonder '90s band Jeremiah
Yabang line: "Lagi ka raw umiiyak, lagi mo raw akong hinahanap, ‘di ka pa rin nagbabago, mahal pa rin ako."
Tone: Regretful. He kind of gives it away already in the title.
Best listened to: After having cheated (inadvertently or otherwise) on your girlfriend, just as feelings of guilt start to set in.  

3) “Ako’y Sayo Ika’y Akin”

 Popularized by: One hit wonder '90s band Iaxe who’s apparently still active in the U.S.
Suabe line: "Umasa kang, maghihintay ako kahit kailan. Kahit na, umabot pang ako'y nasa langit na."
Tone: Quiet desperation.
Best listened to: When you’re beginning to think that the only solution to your love problems is a little prayer.

4) “Forevermore”

Popularized by: Side-A
Lovesick line: "I just can't believe that you are mine now, you were just a dream that I once knew."
Tone: Slightly fanatical.
Best listened to: After your wedding. Quick before the feelings fade!

5) “Kailan”

Popularized by: Little-known band who went by the name “Eraserheads”
Emo line:" Kailan ako lalaya, sa anino ng pag-iisa, mga rehas lang ang tanaw, nanginginig sa seldang maginaw."
Tone: Longing for release.
Best listened to: Before you carry out that crime you’re planning.

6) “Panahon Na Naman”

Popularized by: Rivermaya
Emo line: "At pag-ibig na dakilang, matagal nang nawala, kumusta na? Nariyan ka lang pala."
Tone: Wistful.
Best listened to: On a summer day at Boracay, whilst staring at all the bikini-clad women folk.

7) “Kung Ok Lang Sayo”

Popularized by: True Faith
Word of advice: "Sabi-sabi ng mga kaibigan ko, huwag mong pilitin ang hindi para sa ‘yo."
Tone: Evidently polite.  
Best listened to: When you’re feeling a little extra courteous with how you go about things.

8) “Muli”

Popularized by: '80s singer Rodel Naval who died of a severe strain of pneumonia in 1995.
Suabe line: "Bakit di pagbigyang muli, ang ating pagmamahalan? Kung mawawala ay
di bat sayang naman?"
Tone: Persistent.
Best listened to: On days when you reminisce your glory days with a former love.

9) “Ikaw ang Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko”

Popularized by: Manila Sound pioneer, Hotdog
Suabe line: "Sakit ng ulo'y tanggal bigla. Sa piling mo'y lungkot nawawala."
Tone: Worshipful
Best listened to: While reading the latest issue of FHM. Get your copy now!

10) “Babaero”

Popularized by: Shades-endorsing, mullet-wearing Randy Santiago
Words from a sweet-talker: "Sinung may sabi, makakating labi, dididi naman totoo, puro’t imbento, sari saring kwento, basta’t sayo lng ako!"
Tone: Faux-innocent.
Best listened to: Right after having successfully evaded your girlfriend’s pambabae inquiries.

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