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25 trivia bits about Maria Cafra

<p>Here's to Maria Cafra and Pinoy <em>rakenrowl</em>!</p>
| Nov 11, 2009
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Last Saturday, November 7, Pinoy Rock icons Maria Cafra had their reunion gig. It was actually their second reunion gig, which organizers cooked up after their first gig last October—their first in 20 years!—proved to be successful. [firstpara]
Okay, time for a quickie history: Maria Cafra is one of the pioneers of Pinoy Rock that came into popularity during the 70s. Composed of Resty Fabunan (vocals and guitars), his brother Jun (bass), and Rollie Averilla (drums), the Olongapo-based troubadours, playing a happier-go-lucky kind of music supplemented the bluesy tunes of Juan dela Cruz. Among their more popular songs are "Buhay Gago," "Estranghero," and "Kumusta Kaibigan."

And so to complete your FAQ’s—and celebrate their reunion!—here now are FHM’s Maria Cafra trivia bits!

1. The last time Maria Cafra took to the stage was three decades ago.

2. Resty Fabunan has been called the country's local Hendrix.

3. According to a Bicol native, Maria Cafra is also the name of a bird Resty came across in one of his Bicol travels.

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4. In the band's second incarnation, bassist Dennis Fabunan replaces his father, the late Jun Fabunan, who was an original Maria Cafra member.

5. In Maria Cafra v.2009, they’ve added a keyboardist, Romy Clemente, who also used to play for a band called Friction.

6. Chicoy Pura of the Jerks is a Maria Cafra fan.

7. Dennis Fabunan also briefly replaced the bassist for another Pinoy Rock great, The Wuds.

8. The band released their self-titled first album in 1978.

9. Cafra’s comeback gig in 19East Parañaque was originally scheduled the night Ondoy hit town. Their second performance in RJ Bar Makati coincided with Pepeng’s visit. A “part 2” was scheduled thereafter.

10. Although the band has never released an English song, Resty’s solo guitar number of “Star Spangled Banner” is a regular and well-received hit with the audience.


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