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2nd Album by Sino Sikat?

<p>Pinoy Soul pioneer comes back for seconds</p>
| Apr 29, 2010
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Once upon a time, about four, five years ago, Sino Sikat? was an intriguing, exciting new band emerging from the sidestreets of the local band scene, carrying the Pinoy Soul flag. [firstpara]
Fronted by the sensual and sultry Kat Arragado, the three-man-band offered what they like to call “baby making songs.”

With minor hits like the raw and powerful “Turning My Safety Off” and the soul-inspired “Prayer,” Sino Sikat? was certainly the alternative to the Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party inspired collectives that mushroomed then.

Fast forward to present and you now have a four-piece Sino Sikat? that, on its wryly named sophomore release, 2nd Album, is on the brink of growth. Whether Sino Sikat? is growing up, growing old, or growing soft, we don't know. But something is most definitely different.

For one, the band lost one of its founding members, Allen Umali. This obviously is a huge factor to this whole change shebang. While you can’t solely blame Umali’s absence, you also can’t help but wonder if his presence was instrumental in making Sino Sikat? the "intriguing and exciting" new band then.

Because on 2nd Album, the sophistication that defined their self-titled record is all but lost. Where the syncopation and the big comings-together used to be are now replaced with elementary melodies, OPM-inspired progressions, and big demonstrations of technical know-hows.

As such, the new record sounds 1) as though they are trying to do a million different things. And 2) shabbily put together, with visible loose ends.

Next: A shout out to OPM heydays!

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