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3 Unforgettable Erykah Badu Live Performances That Hit That Sweet Spot

Her first Manila concert will be pretty memorable as well
| Oct 13, 2017
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Live performances are a tricky endeavor, especially for musicians who are a solo act. All eyes are on you and the pressure to deliver to a massive audience can be crippling of you aren’t a seasoned professional. The Queen of Neo Soul, Erykah Badu, who is set to perform live tomorrow at the Harbour Garden Tent in Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza, doesn’t seem to be shaken by concert elements that would scare even the most experienced performers.

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Mesmerizing and fluid as a waterfall, the hip-hop goddess is a powerful presence onstage. If you need further proof her inimitable capabilities, just check out the three unforgettable live performances below, which luckily were immortalized through video. It’s more than obvious that she delivers, and once the lights go down and the sound system has gone mute, the music still resonates.

1) Chapelle’s Block Party

Filmmaker Michel Gondry’s music documentary for comedian Dave Chapelle featured a slew of soul and hip-shop greats. Kanye West, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill are just some of the icons who lent their talents to this spontaneous block party. But as soon as it’s Erykah Badu’s turn to utilize the microphone, her poetic flow is simply indubitable.  

2) VH1 Soul Stage

This 2008 performance is as intimate as it gets—a simultaneously fiery and relaxing experience that doesn’t hold back on the ace moments. It’s Badu at her best, keeping things lowkey while also showcasing the volcanic expanse her musicality can cover.

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3) MTV Unplugged 1997

You know you’ve made it if you have an MTV Unplugged performance under your belt. This gem from the past paints an early portrait of the superstar: zero fuss, empowered, and glorious in her inherent soulfulness.


Erykah Badu VS Everythang Tour 2017 AD, Live in Manila will be on October 14, 2017, at the Harbour Garden Tent, Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Volume Unit Entertainment produces the show, in co-production with World Wide Womb. Tickets are available on


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