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5 Greatest Moments in John Mayer's Manila Concert

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Took him long enough to perform here, but it's all worth the wait</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 7, 2010
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No amount of bad weather could ever hinder the most committed of fans from seeing John Mayer in the flesh.

The man is often dubbed as the modern-day Eric Clapton-slash-Buddy Guy, thanks to an unprecedented guitar skills that gladly cater to blues music.

Ensuing public persona aside (reports say he was seen flirting with Georgina Wilson moments before the concert), fans who saw the show will remember Mayer for being quite a guitarist.

Acoustic musician Aiza Seguerra opened the show, and the crowd started to grow. The lights went out, and the rain-drenched crowd starts to stand up.

By the time Mayer and the band members came onstage, people are already screaming louder than rain. From there on, a string of memorable moments during the  concert transpired, much like these five:

“Stop this rain”
The audience has had to endure back-and-forth rainfall for the better part of Mayer’s concert, not to mention the insane number of umbrellas big enough to blemish everyone’s view of the stage. Even he was distracted – chants of “Mizuno!”(a huge golf umbrella) bounded the area for a while.

John took out his acoustic guitar, letting the audience decide what they wanted to hear. He then settled for “Stop This Train” to a loud response, with the rain dwindling down as soon as the song ended. "I can finally see all of those pretty faces,” he said. A bigger uproar followed.

Old school
Before going heavy with his album Heavier Things and turning on the blues in 2006’s Continuum and last year’s Battle Studies, John Mayer was known as the acoustic artist, playing pogi covers and laid-back, Jack Johnson-type of tunes. Before changing his guitar, John got back at the audience.

"I gotta sort of encapsulate the ten years that it’s taken for me to get here. So let's go back, all the way back. I wrote this song in 1999, released it in 2001. It goes like this." He then played “Why Georgia” to a hysterical response. During that one song, he was the John Mayer of old.

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