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FHM Confesses: We Like Maroon 5

...and it's (sadly) not just because of their music
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 24, 2012
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In case, you haven't been checking your newsfeed (or you just don't care about anything but yourself), that band who made hits like "Moves Like Jagger," and "This Love," performed at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Tuesday, September 18.

Yes, Maroon 5 was here!

And if you still don't believe us (and, frankly, if that's the case, this is becoming too sad of a story to continue on), here's a photo to hopefully finally convince you:

They were on tour to promote their newest album Overexposed, which critics haven't been too fond of. Washington Post calls it "a hit-seeking missile that doesn’t just slaughter Maroon 5’s reputation for sincerity, it festoons its corpse with glitter, hairspray and Hello Kitty Stickers.” NewsOK wasn't any friendlier, saying this about the band: "Once a real live band whose humanity, however glossy it might have been, could be verified by its mostly organic sound, Maroon 5 now appears to have converted into a silicone simulacrum of its former self with 'Overexposed,' a collection of faceless android pop guaranteed to sound exactly like all the songs sequenced around it on Top 40 radio."

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But what do these critics really know? And do Pinoys care about these criticisms? Apparently not.


We felt a kind of restlessness creeping over Cubao that Tuesday night. Yes, we, along with some female friends, were there. (We were not excatly fans, but we really liked these female friends of ours.) The traffic along EDSA leading to the Smart-Araneta Coliseum was bad. Really bad. A good sign for a concert.

It was not like people were oblivious to Maroon 5, anyway. When news broke out sometime July that the band will visit Manila, tickets sold out in just a matter of weeks. A decent seat cost about P3,710 and the best ones were priced at P10,600. Overpriced? Overrated considering this is the group’s third concert in the country?

Well, know that when we went inside the venue we found all the seats from General Admission to Patron VIP, every aisle and row—even every idle space—were taken by a spectator. Everyone was almost elbow-to-elbow distant from the next person he/she sat (or stood) next to. We we're okay with this of course, considering who we were with. Outside the concert venue, the gates were crammed with last-minute ticket buyers, bystanders who were there just for the heck of being there, and others desperately seeking entrance, either by purchasing tickets from scalpers or scheming their way in.

The Big Dome lights were dimmed at past 9 p.m., the coliseum turning into a galaxy of glow sticks. The contained, unbearable excitement was channelled into an earth-shattering scream fest when the band entered the stage. And when frontman Adam Levine’s distinct voice finally hit the stolid air (“I’m at a payphone trying to call home/ All of my change I spent on you…”) and the band started playing the familiar melody of “Payphone” … we hear one of our female friends saying, "this is just...indescribable."

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The females found themselves (okay, maybe we were also doing so, but just a little) melting and drowning while chanting and singing (“You turn your back on tomorrow/ Cause you forgot yesterday/ I gave you my love to borrow/ But you just gave it away…”).

The intensity never faded throughout that night. Not when Maroon 5 followed up their first number with Jacko's “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” as a funky intro to their 2007 hit “Makes Me Wonder” or not with the nice drum work that segued from a calming “Sunday Morning” to the angsty “If I Never See Your Face Again.” "These guys can play," we thought.

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