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5 Secrets Revealed At ‘Secrets: A Night With Aia, Barbie, And Kitchie’

We got intimate with the trio—here's an exclusive recap
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 20, 2017
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There’s probably a reason why Secrets: A Night With Aia, Barbie, And Kitchie had a repeat concert just two months after its first sold-out run last December 2016. Aside from the fact that the show was headlined by three of the most talented OPM artists in the country, there must be something else—a secret, perhaps, just like the title of the event.

To find out, we attended its repeat concert last Friday, February 17. And there, we found out five secrets, surprises of sorts that answered why they did (and deserve) another run.

1) Three women, one stage

Aia De Leon, Barbie Almalbis, and Kitchie Nadal—seeing these three icons on one stage was such a treat for music fans. Whether you grew up listening to their songs or you're a newly-converted enthusiast, the experience was mind-blowing. They have solo sets, where they each sang their latest songs and all-time favorite hits. Of course, the three of them sang together as well. They delivered their own versions of each other’s popular songs: performances of “Firewoman,” “Same Ground,” and “Taralets” wowing the crowd with exceptional talent, a fantastic stage presence, and undeniable chemistry.

2) Kitchie’s new adventure

The first surprise of the night came from Kitchie, when she announced that she’s pregnant with her first child. To the audience’s delight, a video of her ultrasound flashed on the screen. Proof of life, they said. And to make the night more memorable, Kitchie asked her mom to accompany her on the stage. Behind the keyboards, the mom and daughter duo played “Moon River” and “Same Ground,” which left everyone in happy tears.

3) Barbie’s “Secret”


For the first time on the Music Museum stage, Barbie sang her recently released track called “Secrets.” “Secrets” is a very special song for her as she dedicates it to the loves of her life: her family. The AVP behind her synced perfectly to the lyrics of the song as well, with snapshots of her kids and husband. She also performed Ebe Dancel’s “Wag Ka Nang Umiyak” with none other than the songwriter, Ebe, himself. Also, Barbie’s awesome guitar skills are on fire. She rocked the stage with her solo riffs, making everyone jump and headbang to the beat. 


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4) Aia’s story

Aia made sure that everyone was bitten by Valentine bug, as watching her set was like seeing a romantic visual album—live. Her AVP, filled with poetic lines about love and longing, seamlessly complemented her choice of songs: “Akap,” “Sundo,” and her new song “Sa’yo.” Her powerful voice commanded the crowd, effortlessly reaching those high notes. 

5) Three women, three bands

The night wouldn’t be complete without the trio’s band, which eargasmically performed like it was the last gig of their lives. Each one—from the drummers, the guitarists, the bassists, the keyboardists—made sure that everyone from the crown heard each note. The whole crowd clapped and cheered as they were introduced one by one. Indeed, the night was not just a showcase of the trio’s musical flair, but a platform for their bandmates to get the recognition they deserve. 

Photographer Mark Jesalva

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