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Breaking Down 7 Of The Most Iconic Guns N' Roses MTVs

Are you ready for some November Rain?
by FHM Staff | May 23, 2018
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Arguably the biggest Rock band of their time and undoubtedly one of the best, Guns N’ Roses is coming to Manila this November for the first time as part of their Not In This Lifetime Tour. The tour is the first time Axl, Slash, and Duff have played together since their Use Your Illusion Tour way back in 1993 and are looking to pack the Philippine Arena on November 11, 2018. But since we roughly have seven more months to go before our chance at some November Rain, we count down seven of their best music videos to whet our Appetites For Destruction.

Take note, tickets go on sale June 9 at SM Tickets.

Garden of Eden

Album: Use Your Illusion I

There’s a certain purity to see the band just rocking out and raising hell, all from the perspective of a fisheye lens. Taken in one shot, you can see Axl, Slash, and rest of the crew headbang, shred, and just lose themselves in the music. For a band known for their overly stylized and produced music videos, "Garden of Eden" is uncharacteristic in its simplicity, yet still manages to bring the energy and mayhem GNR is famous for.


Album: Use Your Illusion II

Shot in black and white with the band playing in an empty warehouse, "Yesterday" is a look back to everything the band has gone through up to that point. The video flashes old pictures of concerts, gigs—and even of past members Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler who were no longer with the band when the MTV was shot. The video means so much more now as the band is much older and past their prime.   

Welcome to the Jungle

Album: Appetite for Destruction

The MTV for "Welcome to the Jungle" showcases Axl’s acting chops as he transforms from a naive farm boy (literally straight off the bus to move to the big city), who becomes a successful rockstar (complete with overy spray netted hair), to someone who is eventually driven mad by the lifestyle.

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Paradise City

Album: Appetite for Destruction

"Paradise City" captures just how big Guns N’ Roses were during their peak. The MTV is a combination of their concerts in the Giants Stadium in New Jersey and the one at the Monster of Rock Festival in England. Unfortunately, the video is also a bit infamous because some fans were hurt (and two people reportedly died) during the concert.




Album: GN’R Lies

A classic video for a classic song, the MTV for "Patience" shows GNR’s softer side—the band recording in a stylized studio with random shots interspersed (like Duff returning a room service tray. Huh?). But no matter how chill the song is, Axl still manages to do his signature serpentine dance that would become mandatory when you sing along to the song.

Sweet Child of Mine

Album: Appetite for Destruction

Arguably the most famous GNR song with an opening lick that became the standard by which a guitarist’s skill was judged back in the late '80s and early '90s, the video for "Sweet Child of Mine" established the definitive look of the band. Whether it was Slash’s top hat or Axl’s bandana, shades, and leather jacket combo, the "Sweet Child of Mine" MTV is what set up the quintessential GNR image.  

November Rain

Album: Use Your Illusion I

Directed by Andy Morahan, the MTV for "November Rain" has more memorable scenes than most movies—from Stephanie Seymour’s wedding dress, Duff handing a panicking Slash the wedding rings, Slash rocking out in front of a church in the middle of a barren field with the camera hovering all around him (before the age of drones), and of course Slash (again) climbing and rocking out on top of the grand piano (which they actually did live to close out the MTV Music Awards that year in one of the most memorable performances in MTV Music Awards history).

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