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7 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Dong Abay

Rizal lives on in Dony Abay's new record
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 5, 2012
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Dong Abay never left, so saying that he’s back is an understatement. Although with an album like Rebulto--which is about our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal coming back to life, seeing the beloved land that he died for, making a commentary about the Philippines today until finally turning back into a rebulto--one can say that Dong, again, made it perfectly clear why he is what he is. A singer and a songwriter that one should be listening to.

Here are 7 reasons why you should listen to Dong and his new album.
1) He was Yano. He was Pan. But he’s always been Dong Abay, a man who believes in his craft and never had second thoughts of compromising it.

2) No one can perfectly describe how a person with no money feels when he or she is inside a mall or how a supposedly platonic relationship can actually blossom into something more while strolling inside the zoo and put it into a song. Only Dong can.

3) The album Rebulto was executively produced by the duo Raymund Punzalan and Jowee Alviar, collectively known as the guys behind Team Manila. They also did the visual art and album design of this 7-track offering by Dong.

They’re both huge fans of Dong that they even asked him to do a special performance during their 2006 Christmas party, that’s where and when their friendship with him began.  “I bumped into Dong at Saguijo one Play for Serve night. We chatted a little, and after that I messaged him on Facebook that we can support him for any small projects. Coincidentally he was writing an album that fit perfectly with Team Manila’s image, and that was Rebulto,” says Punzalan when asked what made them decide to produce Dong’s album. They’ve always wanted to venture into something like this admits Punzalan since Team Manila’s goal is to promote anything that’s pinoy hence the slogan “Believers of Filipino Music.”

“We don’t want to be involved with the creative process of musicians because that’s different from what we do. We just want to foster and build on the music that they do by adding visuals, which is more our core competence,” adds Punzalan.

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