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FHM's Complete Survival Guide To The 7107 Music Festival

The massive 7107 International Music Festival is ready to rock this weekend. Are you? Here's a little to-do list for you to ensure that everything goes as planned!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 20, 2014
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The 7107 Music Festival is all set to take place this weekend, February 22 and 23. The big performers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Empire of the Sun, Kendrick Lamar, and Kaskade, to name a few, must be packing their bags right now. Local stars like Radioactive Sago Project and Up Dharma Down must be doing final oil checks on their cars for the two-to-three hour ride to Global Gateway Logistics City in Clark.

As for us? Well, we were about to book our hotels for the two-day fest but then got distracted by that Kate Upton in zero gravity photoshoot. So we suggest that you do otherwise, and actually be ready for the big concert.

Below is your checklist on what to expect and what to do before and during the fest!

First, the crucial must-do's:

1) If you haven't—and this is of great importance—book a 7107-partner hotel

While pitching your own tent sounds like a romantic idea born out of this generation's hippie-flavored soul, it won't be possible because of this:

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Camping will not be allowed on the festival grounds and surrounding areas due to safety concerns. As such, you'll just have to stow away our camping dreams for another day.

Currently, as per hotel booking site, there are still 91 hotels around the Clark/Angeles area available for you to get a booking in. Click here to see the list. 

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7107's official site also has its own list of recommended hotels, which you can check out here.

Your best option though would be to book a room with one of the festival's partner hotels. We heard they'll also be providing shuttle services as part of their package.

As of today, February 20, these are your remaining options that haven't been fully booked yet:

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2) Allot P300 for all-day parking

The all-day parking's steep price tag is another reason why you should book at a partner hotel and its shuttle service.

If you're still not convinced of the logic, the next best thing you could do is to carpool with your buddies, and divide the parking fee. Cabs also populate the Angeles and Clark areas, so if you think you'd spend less by getting a taxi, then by all means hail one.

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3) The 7107 app has the full sched of performances so you'll know when to tune in

We've already shared with you the set list duration of each foreign act on our Instagram (@fhmphilofficial). This week, the organizers have released the concert schedule via their official 7107 app, which you can download for free here for iOS and here for Android.

For those who are curious about Red Hot though, here's a screenshot of the concert sched, via the app:

4) Take care of that wristband

No matter how excited you get, do not tighten that festival wristband until necessary.

If you tightened it now, you will have to wear it until the concert.

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If your pride and dignity can't take that, you'll have to shell out P300 for a replacement. It sucks, but hey, at least it's waterproof so you can take a bath with it! You'll be wearing it for the entire concert's duration.

NEXT: What to bring and what NOT to bring

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