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8 Things About Club 8

<p>The Swedish Duo is set to play Manila tomorrow</p>
| May 13, 2010
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It seems Manila has finally become a concert destination. Just few months after pop sensation Justin Timberlake, and indie faves Jens Lekman and Kings of Convenience visited the country, in comes Club 8.
The Swedish duo is set to play Manila at the SMX Convention Center tomorrow, May 14.

Then they head off to Cebu for a gig on Saturday May 15 at the Cebu international Convention Center.

But before we can join the collective indie hooray, let’s know what we are rejoicing to, shall we?

You are probably familiar with songs like “The Friend I once Had,” “Love in December,” and “Jesus, Come Walk with Me” (or the very at least, has come across these songs in compilations). These, gentlemen, are Club 8 songs.

If they all sound foreign, that's perfectly okay; Club 8 was never really a steady act in the mainstream.

In fact, they are more of a sporadic thing, coming and going whenever they feel like it. A common indie trait, we reckon, but one that makes them even more special when they're back in the scene.

Witness: Their last record, The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming was released a good three years ago. So yeah, it’s not that you’re not hip. It’s that they’re incredibly hard to pin down.

With that, we present the Eight Things about Club 8!

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