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A '90s OPM Rock Playlist To Make You Feel #Tanders

Still a staple in our iPods: the best OPM <em>rakrakan</em> songs from the '90s!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 6, 2014
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About 60 years ago, Elvis Presley went into a recording studio in Memphis, and recorded the bluesy "That's All Right." The date was July 5, 1954, and on that night Elvis created the song that would kickstart his career—and soon down the line, the genre of rock and roll.

For that, we are grateful.

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Through the years, the genre has undergone massive changes and transmutations. In our country, one of the most notable transformations of rock music took place in the '90s when the 'Heads, Rivermaya, and Wolfgang, to name a few, ruled the rock radiowaves.

To pay tribute to that era, we give you a playlist of some of our favorite '90s rock tunes, for another round of FHM MAKES YOU FEEL #TANDERS! 

1) Eraserheads - "Alapaap" (1994, Circus)

Makes us reminisce about: The days when Tito Sotto used to hate this 1994 song for its "druggy undertone"

2) Wolfgang - "Halik Ni Hudas" (1995, Wolfgang)

Makes us reminisce about: The days when we'd have to listen to songs in secret...or endure a scolding from our lola regarding the devil's music

3) Introvoys - "Line To Heaven" (1993, Line To Heaven)

Makes us reminisce about: The days when we'd tell our lola, "See? Rock and roll ain't all about devils"

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4) Grin Department - "Miss Miss Sa Loob Ng Jeepney" (1995, Melts in Your Mouth [Nut in Your Head])

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