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A Mixed Tape for Valentines

<p>We're getting rid of the sap and shmaltz!</p>
| Feb 13, 2010
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We’re at that time of the year that we most look forward to: the NBA All-Star Weekend. Unfortunately, the world’s greatest annual hoops showcase coincides with Valentine’s Day, where you can expect to be peppered with sappy love songs, even more so than usual.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic bliss, lost love, or the unrequited crush. It's about the different kinds of lovers too, you know. And so wee present six songs for different kinds of lover! Hooray for Valentines day!

For the other man
“Our Love” by Rhett Miller
Old 97’s front man Rhett Miller traded in his alt-country repertoire and made some delicious power pop in his 2002 album The Instigator, and “Our Love” was clearly the gem of the album.

Oddly enough, it’s about affairs that involved German composer Richard Wagner (“they made love on the mezzanine”) and Bohemian writer Franz Kafka (he waited “for a love that never would arrive”). In each case, the woman’s husband happened to be a friend of the man, who couldn’t help writing about their respective liaisons in love letters, and it got them into trouble.

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The singer couldn’t help singing about his own affair in the chorus either, which would probably lead him to trouble as well.

For the, er, “fun buddy”
“Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley
There’s nothing quite like Rilo Kiley lead singer Jenny Lewis singing about a booty call, in frank, almost vulgar detail. She calls up her friend to see how he’s doing, “and the talkin’ leads to touchin’ / and the touchin’ leads to sex / and then there is no mystery left…” 

Rilo Kiley’s frenetic guitar work belies the sadness of the chorus, as Lewis moans, “It’s bad news / Baby I’m bad news” with a certain resigned emotion.

You know when you tell yourself you shouldn’t be doing something again, and then you do it anyway, and then you feel terrible afterwards? Yeah, that feeling.

As a special bonus, this live performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien features Lewis making, er, “love sounds” at the 3:03 mark:

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