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A Pocketguide to the Other World by the Camerawalls

<p>Speep up your shutter and catch with their beat</p>
| Sep 17, 2008
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Lillystar Records
Ex-Orange and Lemons member, Clem, is back at it again, this time as, ehem, Clementine, and this time, with a new band, The Camerawalls. On their debut record, A Pocketguide to the Other World, the Anglo-centric rocker demonstrates a nice kind of restraint, going for substance over style. They make a song out of a Jose Rizal poem, "Canto de Maria Clara." They make another song out of an epic poem which he wrote, "The Emperor, The Concubine, and the The Commoner." And hey, they make rondalla instruments work well with their three-piece ensemble. Not bad, or rather, this is a great return! - Lou Albano



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