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Album Review: Pow Chavez – Products of Wondering

Former Philippine Idol finalist returns with an album
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 9, 2011
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You might not know Pow Chavez.[firstpara] It has, after all, been almost half a decade since she became a finalist in Philippine Idol. That was 2006. The station the show aired on then was still known as ABC 5, just to give you a little perspective.

Therefore, a re-introduction might be in order: Pow Chavez was that openly lesbian contestant, who gained a following not merely because of her singing chops, but also of her humble attitude, and the sincerity she projected as she delivered her tunes.

Those traits, we heard, could endear you to the masses.

Perhaps, therein lies the strength of Pow’s debut album, Products of Wondering, a pop record so clean, we’d feel guilty to hate it. In it, Pow exhibits the reason why she was ever a contestant in that talent search. Her voice, while nothing distinct, carries the notes with a purpose, best heard in the ballad-like “Tara” and “Hanggang sa Muli.”

The album carries a strong R&B influence—the type that gets played in clubs, to be specific. And for a while, you’d think that Products of Wondering is purely that. That’s what the opening salvo of “Let’s Get My Song Played,” “Ooh Wee,” and “Y U,”—glossy, dance-y, electro-R&B tunes that would make Katy Perry blush—leads you to believe.

In between the aforementioned ballads, and most especially in the album’s second half, the album shifts to a more organic, bossa sound where Pow shines best.

To no one’s surprise, Pow Chavez managed to pull off this shape-shifting act, and a lot of that probably stems from her believing that she could pull it off.

Edge isn’t what you’d find in her music, but no matter; Pow always seems to sing from the heart, and to anyone who just wants to listen to a little bit of pop, and lyrics that are designed for easy listening, Products of Wondering will suffice.  

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