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#AlDub Playlist: 9 Songs That Made Us Love The Monumental Pairing

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by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 24, 2015
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Another day, another #AlDub feature...

As we tune in to Eat Bulaga's kalyeserye, #Kiligpamore, we may have disregarded one aspect that has made this trailblazing segment a hit:

The fact that the main protagonists, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub, aren't even uttering a single word, yet are still able to evoke more #kilig feels than any grown man could handle.

(Kudos, BTW, to the writers and sound operators...)

With dubsmash as their only source of communication—until recently, those pentel and sheets of paper showed up—it's quite fascinating how this unlikely pairing has taken the country (especially local social media!) by storm. We all know that Maine started making a name for herself through her viral dub videos, but Alden's work in that end has also been quite remarkable.

Perhaps it's also about song choice, with dubsmash tracks sliding in effortlessly to various episode scenarios and temperaments.

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That is why we, the fans here at FHM HQ, while still figuring out what makes the tandem so darn compelling, compiled the tracks frequently used in the show's exciting and hilarious sequences. Ranging from emotional ballads to the most infectious of pop tunes, these songs basically paint the vivid picture that is #AlDub.

You have our permission to sing along:


The opening and closing song of the famed kalyeserye, its first few seconds is perfect in setting and ceasing the mood of this one-of-a-kind noontime series. Time basically stops for the #AlDub Nation upon hearing this Joey Benin-penned hit.

Video via Classic Songs (;


Considered as #AlDub's theme song, the overprotective Lola Ni Dora (played by Wally Bayola) is most infuriated when hearing this romantic ballad. Turns up when Alden is professing his undying love to Yaya Dub.

Video via Ed Sheeran

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Another one of Alden's songs for expressing his admiration to his dubbing muse. Usually followed by shrieks from a rousing studio audience.

Video via heladjpormento


The best description of this love story's icebreaker, when the star-crossed lovers first met—or more appropriately, saw each other. Yaya Dub's usual scowl suddenly turned into a smile upon noticing that Alden was watching her.

Video via Mabuhay!


Primarily used because of the line, "Naniniwala na ko sa forever." Well, the love team's fans were given a reason to believe in the oft-repulsed concept after all... #AlDubSaTamangPanahon

Video via Viva Ent


We can't believe we're including this, but this dance ditty is one of the fundamental soundtracks of the series, even paving the way for this equally adorable tandem. And you know how we love making Yaya Dub kilig, even though through Alden...

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