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All The Feels At Kamikazee's 'Huling Sayaw' Concert

We witnessed their farewell performance live, and we're not ashamed to say we shed a single (manly) tear. Until next time, Jay, Jomal, Bords, Led, and Puto. Thank you!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 11, 2015
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You can't blame us for tearing up a little bit when Kamikazee's Jay Contreras, Jomal Linao, Bords Burdeos, Led Tuyay, and Puto Astete had their final bow during "Huling Sayaw," their farewell concert held last Thursday (December 10) night at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

After 15 years of rockin', the band is now on hiatus to focus on their families, whom they admit to have taken for granted while being together. Frontman Jay is also scheduled to undergo surgery to remove a cyst in his throat, possibly caused by all those years of screaming at the top of his lungs.

From the absurdity of "Tsinelas" to mega hits like "Narda" to rock ballads like "Halik," the iconic rock group's songs mirrored life's petty realities and matters of the heart. But it was their live sets, which showcased their unique playing and filled with inanity that endeared them to local music lovers. Every Kamikazee performance guaranteed a highly eccentric and energetic show.

And that's exactly what thousands of their fans were hoping for as they flocked to the Big Dome to see Kamikazee perform live, possibly for the last time ever. As always, the band didn't dissappoint.

FHM wasn't at all surprised with how emotional Kamikazee's farewell gig went. After all, who wouldn't miss...

...Jay's carefree choreography?

...Jomal's on point supporting vocal work?

...Jay's ugat-revealing belting?

...Jomal's onstage playfulness...

...which is as exciting as excellent guitar-playing?

...that serious look on Led's face every time he's shredding? 

...all the wasted shirts Jay has yanked through the years?

...Puto looking the same (read: chill AF) the WHOLE night?

...Bords destroying his drum kit like he has a vendetta against it?


...Jay doing headstands?

...Jay sinnging impassionately he looks like he's going to vomit?

...Jay already scantily clad in the middle of a set?

...Jay being too comfortable with the crowd and the stage?

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...their epic collaborations with other artists?

...Jay's ninja moves...

 ...which his bandmates also possess?

...Led turning into Slash at times?

...them simply having fun while performing?

...all the feels they've given us all these years?

May dulo pala ang langit.

Until next time, Jay, Jomal, Bords, Led and Puto. Salamat!

Photography Mark Jesalva

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