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Alpinisms by School of Seven Bells

<p>Get high as a mountain</p>
| Jul 10, 2009
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Universal Records

School of Seven Bells’s Alpinisms is a lesson in art. The lush layers of sweeping electronic sounds paint a dreamscape in grand, masterful strokes. For most casual listeners, the hypnotic harmony of the voices smoothly gliding in and out of the drumloops, amidst a miscellany of ambient sounds can be overwhelming at first. But take it all in, and allow it to seep through, and the music soon hits notes that we are all familiar with. The beauty of album opener Iamundernodisguise will lure you in like an otherworldly siren singing to an unsuspecting wanderer. As soon as Face to Face on High Places plays, it’s as though the music has transported you to the top of a high mountain where everything feels serene, with only the ethereal sounds making the world spin so fast and yet so steady. Half-Asleep, Connjur and Sempiternal/Amaranth sustain those feelings of loftiness, until at last, My Cabal gently lays you down on soil and grass again. Such is the experience of listening to the School of Seven Bells. Alpinisms is definitely an experience worth experiencing. - Gelo Gonzales

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