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American Doll Posse by Tori Amos

Emotions stripped down to the core<br />
| Oct 22, 2007
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In her last record, The Beekeeper, Tori didn’t try to hide her personal happiness. For her standards, her current release American Doll Posse, reaches a sort-of plateau. Yes, she’s still happy but back are her guts and idiosyncrasies that fans missed early on. It’s an ambitious record, one that attempts to cover all her tracks. “Teenage Hustle” reminds of her previous angry playing, “Digital Ghost” is the usual emo Amos fare only more mainstream. Like all Amos releases, it’s not for everyone but still a great album. It’s always good to know that Tori Amos still hasn’t lost her edgy, sometimes-sick vibe. Now that’s always a joy. - Lou E. Albano


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