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Au Revoir Simone

<p>You can think of all the synonyms for 'beautiful,' and it still wouldn't be enough</p>
| Feb 11, 2010
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Electronic indie-pop cute all-girl trio, Au Revoir Simone strikes lovely chords, and sweet, soft vocals in their latest opus, Still Night, Still Light. [firstpara] Listening to their dreamy, effervescent record is not unlike having a flame whisper sweet-nothings, and hopeless romanticisms to your ear.

And just like spending time with a lover, listening to Still Night, Still Light has this really strange way of warping time; never have four or five-minute songs seemed to go by so quickly.

"Another Likely Story" opens with the group’s trademark vintage synth sounds layered over the subdued disco-like beat of a drum-machine and a glimmering piano pattern. The song, melancholic yet not miserable, invites one to reflect as the singer goes: “And no other than the voice of one another keeps us safely moving in the dark.”

The lyrics of the next song, "Shadows," start out with some despair, but its bright hopeful melodies hint at what the true message of the song is: light’s eventual triumph over shadow.

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Those same bright piano melodies are present in the next two songs, "All Or Nothing" and "Knight of Wands." Compared to the previous song, however, these two are more blunt with its declaration of happiness. “Oh joy, I can see you,” goes the first line in "

Taking a thematic departure from the album’s first four songs, "The Last One" is both melancholic and disheartened. “So let me go, because you don’t and you’ll never know, I’m the one to forget, the one you won’t regret,” sings an almost nonchalant voice.

The lack of drums in this song brings out a sort of barren beauty. Similar heartbreaking lyrics can be found in the next song "Trace A Line," one line of which goes “You’ll be the end of me. Nothing’s here and nothing’s new.”

The next song is as straightforward as a song can be. “Only You Can Make Me Happy” is this song’s title, and is the song’s only lyrics. The song’s melody is undeniably lovedrunk, and is just beautiful. And just as beautiful and as blunt is "Take Me As I Am," which while less lovedrunk, still plays around with a theme that everyone who has loved has experienced.

"Anywhere You Looked," and "Organized Scenery" follow suit with their lively vibe. Lyrics, however, remain poetic. The last songs, "We Are Here" and "Tell Me" closes the album brilliantly. The band does what they do best, which is to merge vintage synths, beautiful piano melodies, and such peaceful voices.

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