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FHM Picks: 11 Awesome Things We'll Remember About The 2015 Grammys

We'll remember this year's Grammys as the night Iggy Azalea became Eggy Azalea!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 9, 2015
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Unless you don't care about the world you live in (or more likely, your Internet connection got cut), you knew that the Grammys took place earlier today. The 57th annual Grammy Awards was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where they handed out trophies to the year's best musical acts and treated audiences to a ton of performances.

In case you're going out tonight, and want something to tell the buddies about the program (you know, aside from the awards show cleavage), here's your quick refresher guide on everything that happened—from legit to legitimately LOL-worthy. So further without ado, we'll always remember this night as the night that...

Old fogeys AC/DC taught the KOTD how to rock out

Video via Splendid Isolation

Sam Smith was a big winner

The "Stay With Me" singer had the night's biggest haul with four awards including Best New Artist, Song Of The Year ("Stay With Me"), and Best Pop Vocal Album (In The Lonely Hour).

He also had this winning duet with soul legend Mary J. Blige, one of the best in the 24 performances during the night: 

Video via Canal Wm - HD

Girls fall for Mr. Ed Sheeran's schtick

Video via Grammys 2015

Man, if mixtapes were still popular, this song would've been always included. It's essentially this decade's equivalent of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful."

The "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" singer stole the show from this year's Grammy nominee Hozier

Video via Super Show

You know it's a great moment when a star from the '80s (Hello, Eurythmics Tito fans, we know you're there) outshines an actual nominee.

Kanye became self-aware and did a rendition of...his speech-interrupting moment against Taylor Swift back in 2009

Beck won album of the year for Morning Phase, and it looked like Kanye didn't agree with it, until it turned out it was just a joke.

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Jay-Z was definitely amused:

Kanye and Taylor made up and became friends again

Image via Vulture

With a secret handshake, the two are officially buddies anew

Iggy Azalea's changed hairdressing history

The rap star from down under has done something really funky to her hair up there.

As of this writing, it has been compared to Julius Caesar's leaf crown, a bird's nest, noodles, and a woven basket, to name a few.

Pharrell judged Taylor Swift big time

Taylor Swift likes to dance in awards shows. Pharrell likes to dance too...but only during a performance. Otherwise, oh he'll be judging hard. Tay-Tay found out the hard way.

 wore something that looked like SpongeBob's best bud Patrick Star

If your girlfriend ever asks you what she'll wear to the next party, the only thing you have to tell her is "DON'T LOOK LIKE COTTON CANDY!"

Image via

It's proof that RiRi is bad at dressing up to cover up but is perfectly good at preparing an almost-nothing-at-all getup. 

Kim Kardashian stole Ric Flair's costume

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