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Bamboo is Releasing a Solo Album!

It's not highly-anticipated for nothing!
by Lou E. Albano | Nov 3, 2011
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So Polyeast Records threw a listening party for Bamboo Manalac’s soon-to-be-released solo record No Water No Moon at lunch today.

Normally speaking, FHM is the biggest snob when it comes to such, ehem, parties.

But seeing him and your reactions to his set at Tanduay Rhum’s Rockfest a few weeks ago, we had to see what Bamboo has in store this time around.

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This, after all, is Bamboo version 3.0: We first saw him in the 90s fronting Rivermaya, and then he moved on to front same-named band Bamboo.

And now, as Bamboo the solo artist.

No Water No Moon will be released on November 20.

But after hearing the record, we must say, it’s not highly anticipated for nothing. It’s very different from what we've all come to expect from Bamboo. The record is grand and you can almost see the wide-screened camera for those huge cinematic shots. At times, it can get a tad indulgent.

But Bamboo, the guy has a vision. He knew what he wanted, and he knew how to go about it, which is to say, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He went up to friends, Kakoy Legaspi, Jun Jun Regalado, Bong Gonzales, and Ria Osorio and then jammed and voila! No Water No Moon.

Here are seven things you might want to know about Bamboo and his first solo record, so that come November 20, the only thing you have to do is trip on it.

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1. The title No Water No Moon comes from the Japanese.
It is a Japanese Koan, to be specific. After the break-up, the singer retreated by reading his books, “finding my way and the line was something that hit me. It’s about enlightenment.” Bamboo says he’s read it a long time ago but “I keep on coming back to it.”

2.  Bamboo didn’t try to be different this time around.

Yes, the 12-track album is different from how we’ve all come to know and love him and his music. He's jamming with a mini orchestra now (Remember the orchestra he played with during the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest?), and some songs like track 2 "Please" has that "Heal the World" vibe.

But, says Bamboo, “there was no conscious effort to sound different. This was a natural progression, the songs dictated it.”

3. “Questions,” the first single off the record, is his favorite song.
But only because it is a good gateway to the whole record.” FHM agrees with the man but count “Morning Rose” (track 3)  and “Back on My Feet” (track 4), as well. Listen to these three songs first.

4. Have your red wine and cheese ready.

Bamboo may just be tripping on us but he says No Water No Moon is best experienced with a glass of red wine, cheese and some meat.

5. But don’t get drunk while listening to the record!

“Napansin ko, with a little buzz, nabibingi ako. I can’t hear the low ends, everything’s so high na,” the singer laughs.

6. He wrote ten of the 12 songs after the break-up.
Which means, there are two songs, “Morning Rose” and “Down the Line” that had been written while he was still with the band. “’Down the Line’ was written maybe at the time of Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday. It was supposed to go there but we didn’t see eye-to-eye. It didn’t work as well so we scrapped it and worked on something else. ‘Morning Rose’ was written around the same time but I just never finished it. Everything else was written after the break-up.”

7. This is a product of a lot of NBA, glasses of red wine, and The Beatles.

“When everything went to shit, I thought, how do I get back? So I went back to what I enjoyed the most,” Bamboo says. So he listened to a little bit of The Beatles, read his books, sat on his couch and drank a glass of wine as he disappeared into the night, but most of all, he watched NBA. “Anong gagawin ko sa umaga? E, every game was in the morning. So I watched every game just to get my mind off things and move on.”

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