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Band of Brothers

<p>Is something in their water?</p>
| Oct 15, 2009
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If you’re not one to believe that music is in the genes, well you better take a look first at these talented pairs of brothers in the music industry. While Oasis and the brothers Gallagher is no longer, the local music scene has wealth of brotherly pairs. We mean: [firstpara]Yan Yuzon and Yael Yuzon. That’s a lot of y’s there. The more prominent of the two in terms of public visibility is Yael Yuzon, who is the guitarist and vocalist for poprock outfit Spongecola. His band has been playing since 2002, and has so far released three albums, with a lot of hit singles to brag about. The band has even been heard playing the opening song of some local telenovela.

On the other hand, Yan, the kuya, has just formed his own band, Archipelago, but has been playing with Ely Buendia in Pupil since the band was known as The Mongols. So far with Archipelago, it’s looking likely that kuya Yuzon will be able to match the mainstream success that his younger sibling has experienced. We caught up with Yan Yuzon recently, and he told us that Yael was actually a factor in the formation of Archipelago. 

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Vin Dancel and Ebe Dancel. Of all the guys here, these brothers look the most similar to each other. They could, in theory switch bands, and the other guys wouldn’t know it. We guess, until before the parts where Ebe starts to sing the parts with the really high notes at least. Although Ebe Dancel and his band Sugarfree might be getting more airtime over mainstream radio stations, he and older brother Vin Dancel are of equal artistic talent.

They are both tremendous lyricists, with words that really strum a chord in many of us. Which is why, Vin’s former band Twisted Halo, and his current one Peryodiko, are just as loved and respected in the industry as Sugarfree. But get this: Vin even tells us, "I'm probably my brother's biggest fan!" How's that for bromance?!


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