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SUAVE TUNES: A Playlist To Welcome The Cold "Ber" Months

The berrrrr months are here, so here's a carefully-crafted playlist to make the cold nights a tad warmer
by Camille Banzon | Sep 10, 2014
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Now that the cold breeze of the “Ber” months (or should we say “brrr” months”) are here, going out partying on the streets isn’t such a good idea on some nights. Aside from the rainy days and the constant yearning to eat ramen, ber months also signify countless "stay-in" nights.

The FHM Playlist below contains soulful and sexy songs that will make these moments a little warmer, like an imaginary fireplace inside your mp3 players. More importantly, this playlist will serve as the soundtrack to those “lambingan” nights, whether you have a partner or just wet daydreaming about someone!

1)   "Poetry (How Does It Feel?)" – Akua Naru

From the tender, sax-laced groove to the lyricism, this song whispers the kind of romance you wish you had, have, or will have in your ear while you look at the window and stare at the dreary sky.

The passionate lust present in the lines of this Akua Naru spoken word track will make you want to feel the intellectual, emotional, and physical titillation she describes. It's the perfect musical foreplay to warm up a cold day, and Naru couldn’t have said it any better: “If love had a sound, this would be that sound.”

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2)   "‘Pag Tumatagal Lalong Tumitibay" – Pasta Groove

Local producer Paolo Garcia, aka Pasta Groove, mixes the old Manila sound with his mod-ish take on modern soul, funk, and even reggae with this song. Up Dharma Down’s Armi Millare adds a silky layer of vocals to the already groovy beat, making its melody the perfect blanket to warm you up during rainy days.

3)   "High and Dry" – Bilal

The Roots' Bilal's take on this Radiohead classic is so soulful that it can make you forget that it’s actually a sad song, and that a sad tune can actually be groovy and dance-able. The unique reinvention of this somber classic can flush any cold moment and replace it with so much positive “feels.”

This version, taken from the tribute album, Exit Music: Songs from Radio Heads, has an improv-like jazz jam towards the end, serving as a real surprise and an amusingly unique cover—perfect for a night with some good wine and company.

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