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SURVEY SAYS: This Queen Hit May Just Be The King Of Feel-Good Songs

Adding this to your 'Monday Blues Buster' playlist might be a good idea.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 28, 2015
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Feeling the after-effects of that long weekend? Are you still picking yourself up from bed, not yet ready to go to school or work? You might want to read on to get rid of that manic Monday sluggishness...

When 2,000 adults from the United Kingdom were asked about their preferred feel-good songs, majority responded with this flamboyant 1978 hit by iconic British rock quartet Queen:

And what makes "Don't Stop Me Now" the ideal feel-good song?

Cognitive neuroscientist and University of Groningen assistant professor Dr. Jacob Jolij, who did the data analysis for the study commissioned by British electronics manufacturer Alba, explained in an email to The Huffington Post:

"My analysis confirmed very nicely what we already knew from the literature: songs written in a major key with fast tempo are best at inducing positive emotions. Virtually all 'feel good' songs were in major key (save one or two), and all of them were at least 10 BPM (beats per minute) faster than the average pop song."

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Not to mention this song brings to mind that hilarious fight scene from Shaun of the Dead...

And while it's apparent that structure plays a part in making a track a feel-good one, how a person relates to a particular song is still the best determinant if it affects him/her in a positive way, states Jolij.

"Although you cannot really pinpoint one song as the ultimate feel-good song, what we can do is identify specific features of songs that lift people's spirits. The more data we have available, the more we can learn about how music affects our moods."

Aside from the Queen anthem, respondents also mentioned "Dancing Queen" by ABBA, "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys, and "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel as other good vibe-inducers.

How about you, FHM Nation? What's your feel-good song?

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