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These Hilarious Hip-Hop YouTube Parodies Poke Fun At Pinoy Inuman Culture

Gentlemen, meet the BheBheBoyz
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 4, 2018
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Michael V. has proven that parodies have the potential to be better than the original material. A master spoofer in his own right (from "Isaw Nga" to "Tinda"), the legendary comedian and's April Hero recently did his own version of Ex Battalion's smash hit "Hayaan Mo Sila" and it might just be catchier than the actual inspiration.

Although even before Bitoy finished writing "Gayahin Mo Sila," another group has been dishing out its own hip-hop parodies since mid last year. According to its bio, the rap collective BheBheBoyz joined YouTube in 2014 and has amassed 69,447 subscribers and 20,336,405 total views as of writing.

There isn't a lot of information online about the hilarious hip-hop bunch, but the rapper names Boy Maton, TeamSoya, JC Tan Bites, Renato Lugto, Water Man, DJ Khanin, Art Weezy, and Kritiko appear on each music video's credits sequence. More importantly, the prevalent theme of their spoofs is one that hits a little too close to home: local drinking culture.

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Below are the best bars from the BheBheBoyz about the elements and personalities that make the Pinoy inuman such a unique experience—from what pulutan you're having to whose tagay it is.

Originally: 'Nadarang' by Shanti Dope

We all have that: "friendly" neighborhood drunk whose invitation we can't refuse, lest we annoy his entire gang. Better come up with a foolproof alibi to excuse yourself from the intoxicating proceedings, or end up wasted on the sidewalk a few meters from your house.

Originally: 'Hayaan Mo Sila' by Ex Battalion

We all have that: sly tanggero, who is the last man standing during every inuman session because he cheated his way to sobriety. Likewise, we also have that drinking buddy who usually bears the brunt of the tagay and crashes before everyone else.


Originally: 'Itsumo' by Dice and K9

We all have that: self-professed heavy drinker who proceeds to kill the vibe by vomiting all over the place. This will be the last time your ill-fated host offers his place, after having to clean up after a former friend and the "crime scene."

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Originally: 'Diwata' by Abra feat. Chito Miranda

We all have that: glutton of a friend who needs rice to enjoy his pulutan. Grilled food, chips, nuts—you name it, he's finsihed it. At least bring your own lechon manok when your appetite is greater than your thirst for alcohol.

Originally: 'Nakakamiss' by Smugglaz, Curse One, Dello, and Flict-G

We all have that: drinking buddy who only sips iced tea because he just recently had a liver transplant. He was a legenday tomador a few years back before his body gave up on him. You can see the regret in his eyes as he misses his turn for a shot.


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