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Bipolar by Up Dharma Down

<p>Truly addictive</p>
| Dec 5, 2008
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Where in their debut record, Fragmented, UDD went all out for a big entrance, in this follow up record, the band displays impressive restraint, allowing for remarkable crescendos and momentous caving ins in all 14 songs. “Blessed” opens the record with trickling down of the piano so precious-sounding that when the song finally swells into climax, the listener can’t help but really listen. “Delayed Breathing” brings the first disappointment but only because the band limited what sounds to be such a promising song into a filler. “Taya,” with its catchy beats and hook-laden melody, is an easy favorite. “Unspoken Definities” like “Clockwork,” and “All Year Round,” in its grooves, holds so much gravity. It ends with a secret song after “Sugarcoats and Heartbeats” that lingers long after you’ve pressed repeat. We don’t know how else to put it except by saying this: Bipolar is a really beautiful record. And Up Dharma Down, a very talented bunch. - Lou Albano

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