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7 Blink-182 Music Videos We Wish The Band Would Recreate

The trio's newest music vid is an homage to their 1999 hit 'What's My Age Again?'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 21, 2016
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Earlier today, punk trio Blink-182 released the music video for its single "She's Out Of Her Mind," off their latest album, California:

Looks oddly familiar...

That's because it is a recreation of Blink's iconic music video for 1999 hit "What's My Age Again?" The band is part of Spotify's new video series, Flash Frame, which paved the way for the revealing homage.

Instead of members Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba, the clip featured prominent female social media celebrities Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons, and Vale Genta, all of whom, like in the original, streaked butt-naked across town. Actor Adam Devine also made a cameo as the naughty doctor, because why not?

Since they first blasted into the scene, Blink has had a penchant for accompanying their music with the quirkiest videos, which we think best represent the group's free spirit and carefree attitude. From parodying a boyband to wrecking a car, they haven't had a shortage of ideas for their visual artistry.

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This list rounds up the ones that we think are worthy of the "She's Out of Her Head" treatment:

'All The Small Things'

What's the best way to make fun of the sudden influx of cheesy all-male bands in the 2000s? Mimicking one and exaggerating the tackiest points of an already overbearing genre.

'First Date'

In 2001, Blink 182 did a tongue-in-cheek '70s throwback, complete with the teeny tiny shorts and public pool awkwardness. We'd love to see the bullied girl in braces transform into a beautiful swan seeking revenge in the sequel.

'I Miss You'

Even before the explosion of emo—specifically the look—in the mainstream during the mid-2000s, Matt, Travis, and former frontman Tom Delonge had already channeled their inner Tim Burton and mastered the pale makeup.[ArticleReco:{"articles":[""34405","36233","35737","35032"]}]

'Stay Together For The Kids'

Rarely does Blink delve into serious themes ("Man Overboard," "Adam's Song") and whenever they do, those are the ones that hit the hardest. The video for "Stay Together For The Kids" perfectly painted a picture of divorce and its consequences.

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The ever-experimental group makes superb use of split screens, which pushed the envelope for a supposedly bland storyline. Although the masterful editing obviously couldn't do something about the trio's shoddy acting skills...

'Rock Show'

Can a music video get any more straightforward than this? Blink was given [reportedly] half a million dollars for production, and they blew it all of on charity (read: day spas for the homeless) and destroying stuff.


Of course, we return to the band's bread and butter: a dose of good-natured slapstick, spliced with clips of their rowdy performances. This is the only entry that didn't feature Travis on the drums, so it would be interesting to see an appearance from ex-member Scott Raynor.


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