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It's Dark Vs. Real Taylor Swift In 'Ready For It?' Music Video

From chorus to clap back
by Andrei Medina | Oct 27, 2017
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Pop goddess Taylor Swift has finally released the much-awaited music video for her new single after treating fans to a tantalizing teaser trailer where she was seen wearing a tight body suit.

The three-minute clip features “Ready for It?” which is her follow-up single from her latest album, Reputation.

As Swifties know, Taylor has a penchant for using her music videos to clap back at her bashers like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, her exes plus other celebrities she has beef with.

Are you ready to figure out what the MV means?

Now that you’ve seen it, let’s discuss some of the obvious details and subtle swipes in the MV.


The video starts with an opening billboard showing Taylor’s name, the title of the song and the name of its director displayed through eye-popping wall graffiti.

Taylor then starts sounding off with shady lyrics to match the heavy beat:
“Knew he was a killer first time that I saw him. Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted. But if he's a ghost, then I can be a phantom. Holdin' him for ransom. Some, some boys are tryin' too hard. He don't try at all, though.”

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These seem to point out to Taylor’s new partner and how she thinks he’s such a bad boy, but can still tame him by being badder.

The telltale part comes when she sings “Younger than my exes but he act like such a man so, I see nothing better, I keep him forever. Like a vendetta-ta” which is an obvious reference to Joe Alwyn, her new 26-year-old boyfriend.


In the 55-second mark, we get to see a hooded Taylor clad in black approaching what appears to be a nude Taylor with a cyborg body trapped inside a transparent cage. It then becomes obvious that the whole MV was clearly inspired by the recent Ghost in the Shell movie.

The similarities are undeniable:


Dark Taylor vs Real Taylor

At this point, the stark contrast between the two Taylors has been established. The hooded Taylor peering inside the transparent cell is a direct depiction of how the star was portrayed by the media as a serial dater as opposed to her real personality which has been confined within herself due to all the surrounding negativity.

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Meanwhile, the chorus starts with Taylor singing “In the middle of the night, in my dreams. You should see the things we do, baby.”

This can either be taken as an intimate or non-sexual narrative of Taylor’s current relationship. We’ll never know for sure though, unless Taylor explicitly says which is which but what’s certain is that this is her sincere perception of how the events in her life are developing.

Clap back

The final part of the MV sets up a showdown between the two Taylors. In the 2:18 mark, we see the Dark Taylor knocking down her caged counterpart. In the end, the two engage in a tense clash which is ultimately won by the Real Taylor as she disintegrates her evil doppelganger. This also serves as a clap back to Taylor’s haters that she could break the vile persona that she was wrongly made out to be.

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