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The Internet Is Still Picking On Chris Martin Days After The Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Seriously, we pity the man.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 10, 2016
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British rock band Coldplay headlining the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show seemed like a great idea at first.

But Beyoncé and Bruno Mars eventually joining the band's frontman Chris Martin apparently wasn't.

Those who were able to see the colorful halftime performance are claiming that Chris was upstaged by the two RnB heavyweights, with netizens immediately immortalizing their favorite scenes from Sunday night. We guess Martin and former wife Gwyneth Paltrow's 11-year-old daughter Apple was right when she warned her father about the risk of being turned into a meme...

In some ways, Chris reminded us of the new kid who tries to sit with the cool kids in the cafeteria.

Even fellow celebrities poked fun at the singer.

People even compared the vocalist to the similarly meme-fied left shark costume from last year's Super Bowl.

Of course, it wouldn't be a meme fest without Crying Jordan.

But Chris' stretch of tough breaks isn't ending anytime soon—particularly with Queen Bey.

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In a preview of Chris's interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed that he once presented a song to Beyoncé and her producer called "Hook Up." Unfortunately, she turned him down "in the sweetest possible way."

He related, "She told me, 'I really like you—but this is awful.'" Ouch!

Recall that late last year at the inaugural BBC Music Awards, Chris disclosed that he was also rejected by the late David Bowie. "One time I sent him a song to ask him to sing on it. He called me and said, 'It's not one of your best.'"

Good thing he was able to enjoy some Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show With James Corden a few days ago:

Come on! Even James was hesitant at first to give poor ol' Chris a ride! What has this man done to all of you?!


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