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The FHM Impress-Her-Guide: Sing Along Like An Expert At The Chvrches Concert

The Internet's most beloved band, CHVRCHES, is playing in Manila tomorrow night!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 25, 2014
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Alt-girls and alt-boys of Manila, get ready to march over to the Samsung Hall in SM Aura on November 26, 2014, 7 p.m. as Glasgow sensation, Chvrches, show you just how they became one of the Internet's favorite bands with their brand of playful synth-pop. 

The Scottish trio of singer Lauren Mayberry, guitar and bass player Iain Cook, and synth and samples programmer Martin Doherty are already in town, meeting with a number of press people earlier today, November 25, at Straight-Up Bar in Seda Hotel.

But what's going to be really exciting is tomorrow night when they get to showcase, in the flesh, their 2013 debut The Bones Of What You Believe, which was selected by the U.S. Billboard as one of the 15 Best Albums of 2013.

The album, of course, includes their massive hit, "The Mother We Share," which anyone with a finger on the pulse of #WhatTheKidsAreListeningToNow would know—and that includes that cute girl in the office or school who you have just convinced to go to the concert with you. 

Unfortunately, you've been stuck to your old college tunes that only reveal your age. So here's a bright idea: We're going to help you make it appear like you've been listening to Chvrches since forever. Chvrches are known for their songs' incredible catchiness, so here below are lines that you simply must be able to sing along to when they play it live!

1)   "GUN"

SING IT: "Hide, hide, I have burned your bridges / I will be a gun / and it's you I'll come for
I, I, have never felt so easy / I will be a gun, and it's you I'll come for"

DIFFICULTY: You'll probably need to sing it in the shower for an hour.

2)   "GET AWAY"

SING IT: "I'll be your guide/ So you can see the other side/ Then I will never let you get away/ Never let you get away/ I'll hold your hand/ So you can see/ Crossing your heart and hoping/ To never let you get away/ Never let you get away"

DIFFICULTY: You can probably get away with singing just the "never let you go away" part, and she'll still like you.

3)   "DEAD AIR"

SING IT: "We a- we a-are / We are all just dead air / We a- we a-are / We are all just dead air / We a- we a-are / We are all just dead air / We a- we a-are / We are all just dead air"

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DIFFICULTY: Master that tongue-twisting "We a- we a- are" bit and you're good to go. Memorization capabilities not heavily required.

4)   "LIES"

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