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WATCH: A Cleverly Eargasmic Way Of Retelling Rock 'N' Roll History

A history lesson you'll headbang to
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 10, 2016
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Rock 'n' roll has come a long, long way. From the black-and-white days of Chuck Berry in the '50s to the pop-rock fusion millennials listen to, we can certainly say this genre of music dominated by banging drum lines and melodic guitar riffs has a rich history behind it.

But going on a full historical study of rock 'n' roll's journey can be tedious, not to mention boring if we go with text-fueled research. While that may work for the (very) patient, the best way to retell rock 'n' roll history is, well, through rock 'n' roll![ArticleReco:{"articles":["29725",33804","33819","33840"]}]Ithaca Audio, a group that specializes in audio visual remixing and sound design, drives home that very point with a clever and totally eargasmic video.

Showcasing 348 rockstars, 84 guitarists, 64 songs, and 44 drummers, it's a 15-minute history lesson you'll headbang to:

That Facebook feed style is a nice touch, but it's obviously the seamless melding of some of the best rock songs ever that earns the video a thumbs-up from us.

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