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Conflagration by Cog

<font size="1">A lot of fury in one CD.<br /></font>
| Jun 1, 2006
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There is so much anger in Conflagration. The instruments spew it out, the drums go hate-hate-hate on every pounce, vocalist Yagi Oliguera mostly growls—not that the guy can’t sing because he does in a very 311-esque style in three songs. Conflagration is tight, everything is where it ought to be. As for the rest of the details—recording levels, inlay art—you sense the band had thought of and planned them in all seriousness. That said, Conflagration is not for everyone—best for metal fans and angry people.

Track list
1. The Sacrifice Will Never Be Enough; 2. Dread Naught; 3. Follow; 4. Stay Intact; 5. Ellipses; 6. Filicide; 7. Vacant; 8. Our Feet Never Touch The Ground; 9. Stabbing At The Shoulders of Giants; 10. Collapse; 11. Birthright; 12. Over; 13. Conflagration; 14. Unbecoming

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