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FHM Picks: The 8 Most Swoon-Inducing Female Vocalists In Indie-Pop!

We came for the music, and then stared at them dreamily for their looks!
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 15, 2014
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Here's the one great thing about today’s trend towards indie-indiehan music: cute vocalists!

If you’re bummed out by how much music now is all about whose ass is bigger among today’s female acts (we're looking at you, Nicki Minaj), well there’s always…Taylor Swift. If you still can’t admit to yourself that T-Swizz is a babe well you can pick a (mostly) tiny, artsy cutie from our list of cutest indie vocalists instead!

For those who want a girl that's a little less mainstream and a little more alt, these musicians are totally worth that quirky, little love song you're composing on your MacBook right now...

1)   Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES

Image via Fuckyeahlaurenmayberry.tumblr.com

She looks like that forever insecure girl in class who doesn’t know/believe that even the meathead jock finds her irresistibly cute. This tiny Scottish waif also has that cute, medyo mumbly accent when speaking, but thankfully her lyrics during performances are nice and clear to our uncultured ears. Which is great because CHVRCHES has some of the catchiest electropop we’ve heard in ages—and it would majorly suck to have to mumble along to all their hits from their debut, The Bones of What You Believe, a US Billboard's 15 Best Albums of 2013 selection.

Now here's where it gets even better: You can now mumble along live with Lauren as CHVRCHES is coming to Manila thanks to VybeMNL, the  same folks that brought over British electronic hit-making duo Disclosure and Australian Grammy-nominated dance band Cut/Copy. The three-piece Scottish outfit known for their hit "The Mother We Share" will be in the country on November 26, 2014 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier, tickets for which are now available via Ticketworld. We're ready to fall in love with you in real life, Miss Mayberry!

2)   Lights

Image via Abqjournal.com

Coming at you from The Great White North (Canada), solo act Lights reminds us of that emo chick that we loved during our angsty days in high school. You may have denied that you were into the scene at all, but deep inside you desperately wanted someone to be the Ashlee Simpson to your Pete Wentz. (Okay, maybe not.) The only downside to this Canadian charmer: Lights isn’t very Google-friendly. In fact, ask someone, “Have you heard of Lights?” and they’ll probably answer with the next person on this list…

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(Bonus points to Lights for having some very sexy arm ink!)

3)   Ellie Goulding

Image via Pixgood.com

Probably the most popular girl on this list. She has a song called “Lights,” which you’ve probably heard on the radio (and provided further confusion with our No. 2) and danced to in the clubs. We love her for her hair that looks good enough to eat sometimes–especially when she colored it cotton candy pink. Fun fact: She used to date Skrillex, aka that half-shaved head dubstep guy. It kind of gives us hope that she’d notice us as well because Skrill ain’t exactly handsome–and everyone is a DJ now anyways!

4)   Hayley Williams of Paramore

Image via Hdwallsource.com

Okay we lied; Hayley is probably the most popular girl on this list. Before she hooked up with Zedd for “Stay the Night,” she was the energetic vocalist for pop punk band Paramore with hugot hits like “My Heart” and “That’s What You Get.” Well, they’re still alive today, but consider that a history lesson you kids-born-in-the-2000’s-and-reading-this-site-even-if-you-aren’t-supposed-to. And in case you missed it: She has a leaked nudie pic out there.

5)   Zooey Deschanel of She & Him

Image via Billboard.com

Zooey the actress is definitely not indie. Everyone knows 500 Days of Summer and the Manic Pixie Dream Girl meme it spawned (along with uncountable salon requests for bangs), but her musical duo act She & Him still feels like a secret between her and us sometimes. Here’s a scenario though: MPDG’s often appreciate being taken on dates to watch quirky indie acts but who do you bring when the MPDG is the performer herself? Are her live audiences composed solely of lonely single men? (Probably not!)

6)   Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down

From cute to classy, Armi leads the charge for OPM on this list with her soulful lines for Up Dharma Down. She isn’t exactly a bundle of energy on stage like the others, but there’s something strong about her presence behind the keyboards nonetheless. She has that somber sexy look nailed down. And she can sing in Japanese! Check out their suitable-for-an-anime-closing-song version of “Luna.”

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