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Becoming A Dad According to Pang-Tatay OPM Hits

Our tribute for all the dads out there
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 7, 2012
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Before your dads became dads, they were normal dudes who ate, slept, and drank the occasional beer. And then you came, and put an end to all the fun.

In that sense, we all are kind of life's biggest party poopers. So how do we all make up for it? With this little annual thing called Father's Day! It happens this weekend, guys, so show some appreciation, show your pop some love, and make him feel like the sacrifices of daddy-hood is all worth it.

On our end, here's our obligatory Father's Day playlist! This year, let's trip on old-school OPM hits, arranged carefully on this playlist that traces our dads' descent from unblessed singlehood to total domestication. (It's your mom's fault, but don't tell her!)

Stage 1: The Good Old Days

Macho, gwapito, pabling, babaero--
your dad might have been called with one of these awful, awful labels at one point. Labels that he so vehemently denied. "Walang katotohanan yang mga yan, mga pare!" he might have yelled!
Rico J. Puno – Macho Gwapito

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