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Day and Age by The Killers

<p>Here's a rockband game candidate</p>
| Dec 24, 2008
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There’s no denying the fact that The Killers’ third record, Day and Age is good. Lead single, “Human,” is already a radio favorite, while the rest of the songs are either awfully familiar (shout out to Bowie) or awfully catchy (shout out to creating “moments”) that in no time, they come to reside in familiarity. The thing that sort of irks FHM is its authenticity. Much of it sounds formulaic, or tired, or reeking with too much gloss you’ll soon glide over the song. If you’re out for a good time, Day and Age is an easy pick. If you’re one of them serious listeners looking for depth and the truth, you can probably do without it. - Lou Albano

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