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PARTY ALERT: Disclosure Live In Manila!

Brit DJ duo Disclosure is set to give Manila a woozy evening! Here's a four-song primer to get you pumped!
by Anton D. Umali | Jul 23, 2014
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If live electronic music flicks your switch, then DJ duo Disclosure and their signature brand of underground dance beats is a sure fire way to seduce you into putting on your dancing shoes and heading out for an all-nighter, party boy. 

Composed of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, Disclosure has been quickly shifting the landscape of Brit-pop. Fresh out of college, the Surrey natives decided to upload their work online and eventually scored a deal with PMR Recordings. By churning out collaborations that have been busting through the charts and making their way to your girlfriend, younger sister, and her best friend’s playlists, they’ve carved out a comfy niche for themselves with anyone who enjoys an aural bounce and a body high–courtesy of some kick ass dance tunes.

On Thursday, July 24, 9 p.m. at the World Trade Center, Manila will play backdrop to the British sensation that’s got the #kot shuffling their feet and pumping their fists in ecstatic revelry, with a special opening set by DJ Jacques Green (who has worked with the likes of The XX and Radiohead.)

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And to prep those who have already scored their tickets to the gig (and to coax those interested in a night of feverish dance music), here’s a list of some of the Disclosure collabs fans should be excited to hear come concert night! 



Tune-tastic: The hyper pace laced with Eliza Dolittle’s ethereal talent for channeling loneliness imbues this number with a longing...the longing for a human connection that’s real, for keeps, and above all else, wickedly fun! 

Riotous road trips made easier: If the music video is to be believed, then this should be ringing in your ears the moment you lay eyes on that honey you want to get crazy and travel the world with.



Tune-tastic: If an ’80s synth-pop band copulated with a soulful Motown diva, this song would be their weirdly intriguing baby. Like said imagined spawn, its inherent duality and straddling of 
genres give it an edge. 

Don’t be fooled: If you thought that RnB Queen Mary J Blige has long been out of the game, here she proves that she can easily evolve by keeping up with the youngins and plugging into the pulse of a new generation of music fans.


Tune-tastic: Despite the title, this isn’t just random static your attention doesn’t deserve. Big on the hard house influence, it’s a track that will have any chick stomping her stilettos in delight. 

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The seriousness behind the party track: The lyrics hint of a woman in a hurtful relationship. One line goes: “Funny you, can look at me the way you do / You always tint me, tint me black and blue / Such a shame, you frame me with such distaint / You got me washed out, washed out/Color drained.” Ouch. 

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