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Doobie Nights DJs Make a Playlist!

<p><em>FHM </em>got in touch with Doobie Nights DJs to make a playlist for such nights</p>
| Apr 19, 2010
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Until last October, radio knew Saturday nights as Doobie Nights, thanks to that happy radio show on Jam 88.3, “Doobie Nights.” Hosted by a duo of fun-loving DJs, Lambert and Migs, “Doobie Nights” made available to mainstream radio the best reggae concoction we could find here.

When it first went on-air on 13 March 2004, "Doobie Nights" was originally on for a mere 30 minutes. But the show garnered enough listeners and soon grew into a proper radio show that ran for three hours, prime-time.

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With a name like that, it’s safe to assume that the sweet leaf may have been an influence one way or the other. The DJs tell us that people have phoned in stoned, some guests have offered magic brownies, too, but the DJs are responsible tokers who've never hosted the show intoxicated, accepting song suggestions and little else.

A bit of trivia: the first song that Lambert and Migs played was Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain.” And Bob, well we all know that Mister Marley here is a Rastafarian and we all know what Rastafariainism allows.

“When he was here in Manila, we asked Ziggy Marley about Marijuana and how it is related to Rastafarianism,” Migs tells FHM over e-mail. “He said that yes, it’s part of the religion or the movement and that it is like a tool not to be abused but to be used for meditation, for being one.

“You don’t smoke it with friends just to get a kick. You have to be alone and like go to a cave. Meditate and reflect. Then once you’re enlightened, you go back to society. We may have had fun with it before, but ever since we heard that from Ziggy, we looked at it differently na.”

And so for we ask the “Doobie Nights” brothers Lambert and Migs to make a play list in honor of the occasion, and the meditation, that comes with the date, April 20.

“I Saw The Light” by Reggae Disco rockers feat Minako Okuyama

For us, ito ang pinaka-steady sa lahat. Simpleng lyrics, nakaka-relax. Kung pressured ka, this is the best medicine. Parang ang sarap ng may kayakap. Tapos, BOOM! mind-blowing romansa!

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