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Dream Systems by The Purplechickens

A music video brings art to life.
| Jul 25, 2006
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Taking two years to complete, Dream Systems is a combination of live action, 3D graphics, and traditional painting techniques. The actors and band members were shot in front of a green screen, then composited into a 3D world. Each frame was printed out and hand-paintedin watercolor. The result is a visual feast that also expresses the strong emotions found in the song itself.

The Purplechickens is one of the critically-acclaimed bands to have come out of the indie music scene in the past few years. They launched their debut album, Here's Plan B, in December 2003, and are known for their complex pop structures and impressionistic lyrics swathed in soundscapes. The band, composed of Aldus Santos, Aids Arcega, Marco Harder, and Zig Rabara (bassist Mayo Uno Martin left for Singapore, with Owel Alvero currently handling session duties), has been around since 1997.

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