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WATCH: Ely Buendia And Bamboo Play "Come Together" In Silent Concert

Rock legends Ely Buendia and Bamboo team up for one unforgettable (silent) night!
by Gelo Gonzales | May 19, 2014
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If you had been around Rockwell Tent back on May 8 at around 9 or 10 p.m., you wouldn't have believed us if we told you that rock stars Ely Buendia and Bamboo were having a concert right there and then. 

Neither noise nor music—trademarks of any concert—could be heard emanating from the venue. From the outside, it seemed more like a retreat rather than a rock concert. But it was a rock concert alright...only with headphones on.

This was Sony's silent "MDR Live" concert, a live musical performance where you and your friends huddle around a table and plug your headphones into a module while the artists play inside a sound-proof glass cage. The point? To highlight the strength of Sony's MDR series of headphones, which is said to be some of the most advanced cans the consumer giant is currently producing. The series includes the models MDR-1RBTMK2, MDR-1RMK2, and MDR-10RC.

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While the headphones were impressive, it was the artists Ely, Bamboo, and South Border's Jay Durias who took center stage at the strange, yet oddly beautiful concert.

So how exactly does it feel to be in a silent concert? It's not as simple as rocking out with your cocks out. Actually, there are six stages to the experience. Follow it all below—so you wouldn't look like a douche in case you ever find yourself in one in the future!

1) The Where Do I Sit? Stage

At a silent concert: Inside the Rockwell tent, tables where set up all over the venue, each one with an audio module where up to four people can connect. It doesn't matter which table you choose if you're worried about sound quality because no matter where you plug your headphone in, the sound quality's going to be the same.

The table were arranged in a way that you'd have a good view of the stage wherever you plug in. So, with all these things being equal, the FHM way, of course, is to choose the table with the cutest females around it. And since you're all wearing headphones, you won't even have to face your greatest fear: talking to girls!

At a normal concert: If you're a super fan of the artist, the closer you can get, ear drums be damned

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2) The Try To Look Like You Know What You're Doing Phase

At a silent concert: Ensure the headphones are plugged in correctly, and that you're tweaking the volume control for your own headset. If you're not careful, you might accidentally blast the volume up of the person's unit next to you, and get sued for rupturing her eardrum.

At a normal concert: Stand around, drink a beer, try to look cool

...and parade around your armpits!

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3) The Should I Sing Along Or Not Dilemma

At a silent concert: Jay Durias kicked things off with a trio of tunes that showcased the potential of the experiment. The sound quality was akin to listening to a high-fidelity audio file. The place was packed but the nature of the silent concert made it feel like you were listening alone in your room; all the other ambient sounds or crowd noise, muted. 

In your room, you'd most likely sing along like no one's watching. But in this concert, you're fully aware that there are indeed other people, and you run the risk of belting out a long, hard, tent-filling note should you get carried away too much. If you're a frustrated performer, this is your chance.

At a normal concert: Sing all you want, no one's going to care aside from that person right in front of you who's experiencing some of your spittle.

NEXT: Check if others are singing along too!

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