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All The Iconic Eminem Tracks Used In Badass Movies

Knock knock, let the devil in
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 31, 2018
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And as if we couldn’t get any more hyped for the Sony-produced Venom movie, the film’s updates just keep getting better and better. Rap God Eminem just tweeted a 15-second clip of the Venom intro—but with his trademark reverse "E" logo—and delivered a short line of what appears to be a song specifically for the film.

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After that, Eminem shocked the world and released his newest album Kamikaze, where this specific song is the last track on the album in full length. Listen to it now!

Sick, right? But Eminem’s post remains pretty shady *wink wink* with the ambiguity of his post leading us to speculate if there is still more to this collaboration. Will he be pitching in one song for the movie’s original soundtrack? Or is it possible that Eminem is offering more tracks for the film? Well, it does make us want to watch the movie more when it hits theaters in October.

But then again, Eminem has been known to have his music accompany cinematic moments. You don’t only hear it on the radio or stream it on Spotify and iTunes. Eminem’s music has been featured in so many other movies and TV shows. And when that iconic rap spit comes up in one of those crazy scenes, you just can’t help but rock to the flow. Somehow producers and Eminem appropriate his beat to the rhythm of the scene he’s put in the movie. So here’s just some of the films that have been blessed to have the Rap God on their soundtracks.

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One Day At A Time - Tupac: Resurrection

Eminem helped with producing the soundtrack for this documentary on the life of the legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur. "One Day At A Time" is originally a 2Pac song, but Eminem put himself and The Outlawz in it for the remix. It makes us wonder what could’ve been if Eminem and 2Pac had worked on music together.

Kings Never Die - Southpaw

This song captures the rollercoaster of emotions in the boxing flick starring Jake Gyllenhaal. While Eminem rages on his verses, Gwen Stefani’s calming chorus balances the vibe out. But this isn’t the only Eminem song in the movie’s soundtrack. But we’ll get to that later.

Guts Over Fear - The Equalizer

An opposite to "Kings Never Die", this rap song has Eminem rapping to a chill flow, but the lines still pack some punches, especially because he’s talking about people calling him out on his changes in tone. Plus, it’s perfect background music for Denzel Washington’s calm and collected (but still killer) protagonist.

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Till I Collapse - Real Steel

"Till I Collapse" is a relatively older song than this boxing robot movie starring Hugh Jackman, but it is about an underdog giving everything he has until he can’t give anymore, and that’s what Real Steel is all about, plus robots beating the scrap out of each other.

Say Goodbye To Hollywood - Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog is a crime drama that’s based on the true story of a missing-then-murdered 15-year-old boy. Pretty dark, right? And now you’re wondering what Eminem’s song has to do with the movie. Well, here’s some trivia for you: the leader of the crew that ordered the killing of the boy is named Jesse James Hollywood. He was convicted in 2009 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Goodbye, Hollywood.

Phenomenal - Southpaw

This movie’s just packed with Eminem hits (pun intended). You’ll really want to turn up the volume when you’re listening to "Phenomenal" while you’re working out. It’ll psyche you up and make you feel like you’re in a training montage.

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Lose Yourself - 8 Mile

We know you all waited for this, and that’s no surprise. This is probably the most iconic song-in-movie hit by Eminem. It’s probably because this movie tells the true story of Marshall Mathers before he was as big of a star as he is now, and making that music was pretty personal to him and his tough origins. When we hear those guitars plucking, it just sets the mood that shit’s about to go down.

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