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10 Essential New Songs For Your 2015 Road Trip Playlist

Keep the wheels turning with these new road trip jams!
by Cheekie Albay | Apr 1, 2015
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We know it’s great to blast “Born to Be Wild” or “Highway to Hell” while you’re speeding down SLEX, but if classic rock and hair bands are all you have in your road trip playlist, you are in serious need of some new songs, bro! (You don’t want to show your age now, do you? There are chicks in the car with you!)

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 songs that came out in the past year that would be great additions to your current road trip mix. From awesome songs by indie buzz bands to new tracks by surf pop acts to sunny picks from the local scene, we’ve got you covered. So when someone asks you what that cool tune is, you can just breezily go, “Oh, this is a new one by so-and-so…,” no biggie. YOU WILL BE THE WINNINGEST WINNER IN THAT CAR, WE TELL YOU.

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1)   “Young Chasers” by Circa Waves

Perfect for: Getting excited as you get in the car and drive off

This giddy garage rock tune from the British buzz band will get you pumped at the start of a long journey. Especially since it’s, like, 6 a.m. and you’re barely even human at this time of the day.

Video via Circa Waves

2)   “Bad Habit” by The Kooks

Perfect for: Blasting while you’re stuck in traffic somewhere

If you just gotta have your classic rock, play this track by the British indie rock group to channel that badass throwback vibe. You have our permission to air guitar the hell out of this one. (Unless you’re driving, in which case, DON’T.)

Video via The Kooks

3)   “I'm Good” by The Mowgli's

Perfect for: A barkada singalong once you get past the traffic

Yay, you’ve escaped the bitching EDSA tangle and are now speeding down the expressway to a whole weekend of fun! Celebrate with a well-timed barkada singalong as you discuss the relative merits of each restaurant you’re bound to pass along the way.

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Video via The Mowgli's

4)   “Run for Cover” by Barbie Almalbis

Perfect for: Feeling refreshed after a stopover

Barbie's light-as-air vocals will keep you in high spirits after you’ve had a satisfying meal and a chance to stretch your legs at a rest stop. Plus, chicks love Barbie. You’ll be in with the girls as soon as this track plays.

Video via Barbie Almalbis

5)   “Lonely One” by Dresses

Perfect for: When you realize you’ve got nothing to do for the next few hours

This charming indie pop number will keep you feeling fine even as it dawns on you that you’ve got nothing to do for the long stretch except be stuck in a sardine can while slowly losing feeling in your ass.

6)   “Sunny Where You Are” by We Are Imaginary

Perfect for: Getting lost in your own thoughts

Everyone has gone silent, each ruminating on his or her own thoughts. As the song goes “Is it sunny where you are?” you wonder about that chick you dated who never replies to your messages anymore. (Our take? She’s not worth it, brah.)

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Video via We Are Imaginary

7)   “Crystals” by Of Monsters and Men

Perfect for: Feeling a sense of purpose that pushes you onward in your journey

As the dramatic drumbeat gives way to the opening lines, “Lost in skies of powdered gold / Caught in clouds of silver ropes,” shake yourself out of your daze and realize that, hey, this trip could change your life! You could meet someone new, discover the cure for cancer, or maybe none of the above, but just hit the gas, homeboy!

Video via Of Monsters And Men

8)   “California Nights” by Best Coast

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