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Every Moss and Cobweb by Typecast

Tonight, its going to be emotional<br />
| Oct 5, 2007
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This does not only verify Typecast’s place as the emo band in the land, but also confirms Typecast’s place as one of the tightest bands around. As whiny as the vocal parts get—he must be wearing awfully tight pants—and no matter how irritatingly pained they paint themselves to be, we can’t help but listen to the music. Critics say that the mark of a good record is getting you to stop whatever it is you’re doing and really listen. If that’s the case, Every Moss is a good record. Despite the myriad of things we were doing while listening to their major-label debut, “Bright Eyes” and “The Conflict” caught our fancy. And no, it wasn’t just the volume. While that too is a factor—damn kids going up to 11—the musicianship and songs really got us noticing the group. We doubt this’ll make our favorite list but it sure will knock the socks off the emo community.
- Lou E. Albano

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