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Feel Good Music by Amber

Music to make you...you guessed it!
| Sep 12, 2006
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Viva Records
The music world’s gone hip-hop and R&B, and our local artists, long known for copping whatever style is in vogue with remarkable ease, naturally makes good effort to join in on the trend. Problem is, there’s a difference between copying with ease and copying it right—and so flukes, there are a lot of them. But Amber looks like she’s got the formula down pat. Her take on Hotdog’s “Manila” is refreshing. “Jungle” happily reminds you of J.Lo. But after a couple of listens, the album loses its charm. Take our advice, Amber: If you’re going pop, keep your songs down to three minutes.

1. Manila; 2. In This Place; 3. Jungle; 4. So Beautiful; 5. Ikaw Ang Buhay Ko; 6. See You Soon; 7. Feel Good Music; 8. He's Not Into You
All For Nothing; 9. I Need; 10. We Need Love; 11. Daddy


Amber's performance at the FHM 2006 100 Sexiest party
Amber’s Manila music video

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