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FHM Crashes 'The Rest Is Noise Year-End' Gig

Musicians and fans unite for a night of music and social awareness
by Maryann Kristia Guevarra | Dec 1, 2017
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Last Saturday, November 25, I was tasked to cover The Rest Is Noise Year-End gig, which took place at Event Space at Century City Mall in Makati. And for someone who considers singing as her first love, it’s ironic that this was my first time to attend a gig as huge as this. But as soon as I entered the venue and saw the crowd, a healthy mix of millennials and Gen-Z, swaying to the sound of the instruments, the music lover in me felt a renewed respect for Pinoy music.

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Make some noise

On its third year-ender gig, The Rest Is Noise once again gathered some of the biggest names in today’s indie music community including IV of Spades, Ourselves the Elves, She’s Only Sixteen, Rusty Machines, Ben&Ben, Cheats, Ninno, Oh, Flamingo!, Moonwlk, Autotelic, Ciudad, Skymarines, Similarobjects, BLKD x the Tooters, and Flying Ipis. OPM vets like Orange and Lemons, Dong Abay, and Joey Ayala At Ang Bagong Lumad also rocked the stage for young music fans.

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When former Imago vocalist Aia De Leon sang the first few lines of hit song "Akap," I found myself singing along to the lyrics, words I've known by heart since my high school days.

The mood suddenly turned romantic when the band started "Sundo," a hit De Leon dedicated to the lovers in the crowd. The moment was only made more memorable by the sunset, visible through the glass walls of the venue, a muted orange illuminating the city's skyscrapers.

Different genres of music like indie rock, rap, and synth rock ignited the fan in every concert-goer present at TRIN Year-End gig. The diverse crowd of young indie circuit followers were brought together by a common appreciation for today's purveyor's of the local scene.

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More than performing their souls out for their fans, the OPM acts also used the stage to discuss the controversy surrounding some of their brothers in the industry.



Days before the event, news broke out about allegations of sexual misconduct against some band members in the local music scene. The organizers of The Rest Is Noise were quick to take action by withdrawing bands Poor Taste, Ang Bandang Shirley, and Jensen & The Flips from the final gig lineup.

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Some of the artists used the musical gathering as a venue to voice out their sentiments regarding the issue. I strongly agree with Iego Tan of Shirebound and Busking, who calls himself a hobbit, and admits that he feels dwarfed by the issue. Tan echoed my thoughts when he said that we should all be more conscious in calling out people if they do things that make us feel uncomfortable. The least each of us can do is to continuously talk about it, to further raise social awareness and make the victims feel that they are not alone in this fight.

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B.P. Valenzuela said it best in her short but striking speech: “Before you’re a musician, you’re a human being. And as human beings, you have to be decent people.”

Music producer and beatmaker Crwn also summed up the resolution to this disturbing problem in a single word: RESPECT.

The greatest thing about The Rest Is Noise Year-End concert is that, not only did it turn out to be a celebration of OPM and the amazing talent of local artists, but it also served as a venue for shedding light on a relevant and pressing issue.

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