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FHM Sessions: Orange & Lemons’ ‘Just Like A Splendid Love Song’

Here's another heart-melting FHM Sessions special from this month's Heroes
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 23, 2018
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For the second session of this month’s FHM Heroes Orange & Lemons, the trio performed ‘Just Like A Splendid Love Song,’ from their first album Love In the Land of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream.

The song is one of the best early songwriting collaborations between Clem Castro and Mcoy Fundales. It was released as a single in 2003.

According to Clem, the song was written as “an effort to create an electro acoustic love song with a hint of psychedelia. Beatles and Neo-acoustic inspired.”



You can pre-order your copy of the 15th Anniversary Edition of Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream in limited edition CD and Vinyl, by clicking this link.

Producer Khatrina Bonagua Co-Producer Ian Urrutia Sound Director Aeus Reyes Multimedia Producer Lian Dumas Art Director Echo Antonio Photographer Andrea Beldua Styling Loyal Interns Patrick Papa and Eli Valdeabella Special Thanks To Anya Ong, Antonette Maniquis, and Lui Cornelio Shot On Location At Venice Grand Canal Mall

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