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FHM Super Preview: All The Music We Want to Listen To In 2014

The Grammys has just concluded but 2014 has no shortage of great tunes!
by Camille Banzon | Jan 28, 2014
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Just like any beginning of any year, 2014 promises a slew of exciting albums and music happenings for us audio lovers. Some albums have already been released early this year, some are yet to come. From comebacks, debut, and even music festivals, this year will present an eargasmic buffet that will fill your future playlist with the freshest tunes. Here they are, along with video links for songs, if and when available. 

For those in the hunt for good old rock and roll: Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes (A Collection of Early Works and Unreleased Material)

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Release date: January 14

The undisputed king of rock and roll Americana returns with a new album, equipped with the guitar prowess of Tom Morello. Just imagine the anger and discord of Morello mixed with Springsteen’s classic chord play, keenness, and stage presence. It has been said that the album will include hyped-up remakes of Springsteen’s classics such as “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” which was covered by Rage Against The Machine, Morello’s past band. Talk about an uncanny-yet-amusing version of musical déjà vu.


For those looking for instrumental beauty: Mogwai – Rave Tapes

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Release date: January 20

These post rock pioneers recently released an astounding collection of songs in “Rave Tapes.” The 10-song album features such diversity that still makes them one of the most brilliant bands to develop the instrumental genre.

In one song, Mogwai debuts a spoken word number in “Repelish,” in which Evangelist Michael Mills discusses the imposed hidden satanic messages in Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven. The other songs still include heavy and atmospheric guitar orchestration. Although said to be the shadow of their last release, “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will,” Mogwai still manages to keep the spirits inside a realm where everyone floats and escapes to a vibrating world of peaceful harmony. 


For anyone looking to reconnect with their sensitive side: Warpaint – Warpaint

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Release date: January 21

The female quartet worshipped by every alt-girl released a new album that includes the much-hyped single “Love is To Die”—which they will probably perform on February 13’s Feb Fest here in the country. The band’s sophomore release is filled with breathy, delicate songs that will churn your sensitive side into a butter ball of emotions. Imagine four pixies impressively playing instruments, whispering sweet nothings and tingling your senses with well-composed songs.


For the hiphop-reggae generation: 311 – Stereolithic

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Release date: March 11

In conjunction to their traditional “311 day” gigs, the alt-reggae-funk quartet who’s responsible for the soundtrack of our good times will release their 11th release on March 11. According to the band, they plan to release this anticipated album independently, something that they’ll do for the first time.

Vocalist Nick Hexum told Billboard that the album will consist of “good diversity of tempos and feels and arrangements, lots of distortion guitar and big rocking parts but then there's some trippy, chill-out moments and even some hard rock.” Now, didn’t this make us all excited to feel 16 again?


For those who want to impress their Valentine with their taste in music: Cibo Matto – Hotel Valentine

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Release Date: February 14

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