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FHM Wreaks Havoc at Manila Music Festival

Where our photobombing skills are put to the test
by Gelo Gonzales | May 4, 2012
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The streets on the way to Alphaland Bay City at Macapagal Road, just minutes away from MOA, were free of traffic. It was Labor Day. Aside from a few sightings of rallyists, most everyone lounged around in their homes--taking refuge from the unbelievable summer sun.

Not us though. Because on that day, the Manila Music Festival was set to take place at the said venue. We had marked it on our calendars, excited to see if it can be what Manila really has yet to have: a massive music festival like a Coachella, or a Woodstock if you're one to dwell in the past. You could make a case for Fete de la Musique, but that one has largely fizzled out. And that's a topic for another time. The MMF, organized by Volume Unit Entertainment--the same guys who organized the Malasimbo Music Festival in Mindoro--is the first of what we hope could be a yearly thing.

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It was hot, dusty, and a beer cost a hundred pesos. But the acts, headlined by a hip-hop legend in Afrika Bambaataa, and the Grammy-nominated Ali Shaheed Muhammad formerly of A Tribe Called Quest, along with bands and DJs playing everything from ambient electronic music to dubstep to rock to surf tunes made it all worth it. Well, that, and all the colorful people we got to hang with. And by "hang with"--let's be transparent now--we mean going full dork mode, and asking strangers "hey, how about a picture with us?!"

So Ornussa, if you're reading this, we thank you for hanging with a bunch of overeager journalists.

Because that's just how we roll. That's how we wreak havoc--as you'll see in the gallery below. 

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