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FHM's Top 100 Albums

<p>...That rocked our shores from 2000 to present</p>
| Nov 18, 2008
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1. Tangina Mo, Ang Daming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin
Radioactive Sago Project 2007, Terno Recordings
Musically, Sago’s third offering is genius; technically adept but not lost in the arrogance from knowing so much. Lyrics-wise, Lourd De Veyra is able to match intellect with humor. It’s politically and socially charged, you can listen to it in 2069 and it will still be relevant. Plus, it comes beautifully wrapped in a Louie Cordero-designed inlay. Art is the new religion.

2. In Rainbows
Radiohead 2007, Independently released

The record that best defines the present state of the industry, the listeners, and the music. Released online technically for free, released on vinyl for serious collectors, released with a second disc for the frugally wise; and with intelligent songs, thought-provoking artworks, beautiful moments.

3. As the Music Plays
Bamboo 2003, EMI Philippines

Bamboo’s debut record didn’t just snap up the dormant local music industry, it awoke the listening public’s enthusiasm, too. And because they made it all look so easy, everyone from Aiza Seguerra to Jericho Rosales took a crack at Bamboo’s style. Standing ovation.

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4. Fragmented
Up Dharma Down, 2005 Terno Recordings

The music of Up dharma Down—live electronic beats mixed with jazzy bass lines and soulful vocals—isn’t exactly the easiest to swallow and digest, especially not in this pop-centric mainstream world. But on their debut record, Fragmented, the band didn’t just make their sort-of high-end sound accessible, they made it too damn pretty for kids to pass up.

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